Igniting Learning through Unforgettable Experiences!

At Oak Arbor School, we are firm believers in the power of experiential learning. It's not just about sitting in a classroom; it's about the thrill of exploration and discovery. Our students embark on incredible journeys to museums, nature centers, farms, dramatic productions, and even real places of business. These excursions offer them first-hand knowledge, transforming textbook lessons into real-world applications, all while creating unforgettable memories.

As our students grow, so do the adventures. Our trips become more extensive, even including thrilling overnights. For our young explorers in 5th and 6th grades, this marks the beginning of their overnight adventures, perfectly aligned with our academic curriculum. We've ventured to captivating destinations like Kitchener and Toronto in Ontario, the bustling streets of Chicago, and the enchanting Mackinac Island.

But the adventure doesn't end there. Our Middle School students have an even more extensive overnight trip schedule, opening up a world of possibilities. In the past, they've roamed the historic streets of Philadelphia, delved into the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg, marveled at the wonders of Pittsburgh, explored the vibrant cityscape of Chicago, and gazed in awe at the Grand Canyon.

We firmly believe that these field experiences are a hallmark of our program, infusing our students with motivation and a deep love for learning. Education isn't just confined to textbooks and classrooms; it's a thrilling journey that leaves a lasting impact, creating lifelong learners and adventurers.

"The greatest gift we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence" Maria Montessori


The theme this year is "Noticing the Lord in Everyday Life. Increasing our awareness and delight of the Lord, His providence and influence." We will focus on this topic in Chapel and the older students’ classroom worship, and will regularly highlight it with the students throughout the year.


Every year, we choose a charity to support with our casual day Fridays, and also with other small fundraisers. This year, 2023-2024, we are happy to support Leader Dogs for the Blind. Please visit their website for information on how they help the visually impaired and blind to live a more independent life.