Montessori Primary Classroom (age 3 – 6)

Children at this age learn through all their senses. They have an inherent ability to absorb information from their surroundings. Maria Montessori called this developmental period the 'the Absorbent Mind.' She recognized that the environment children learn in should facilitate this natural curiosity and development of independence.
Therefore, the Primary classroom is an uncluttered, thoughtfully prepared environment with well-defined spaces for each part of the curriculum, such as Language Arts, Math, and Culture. Students are encouraged to move, touch and explore scientifically designed and displayed Montessori materials that fill this prepared environment. Teachers guide each student to new lessons and challenges. They are the link between the child and the environment. Teachers observe and record data to track each child's growth, mastery of skills, lessons given and needed. All this encourages discovery and fosters your child's development of independence, concentration, sequential thought, and controlled physical movement.
Erika Hyatt - Lead Primary Guide
Denielle Schnarr - Primary Classroom Assistant