Upper Elementary (age 9-12)

Our upper elementary classroom (9-12 year olds) will slowly transition to a full, Montessori Upper Elementary Classroom once our younger students move into this age bracket.

For now, students in the 9 - 12 year old classroom will continue to develop their capabilities as readers, writers, mathematicians, geographers, historians, and scientists. I seek to strengthen the students’ foundational academic and social skills, as they mature and prepare for Middle School.

At this age level, we begin taking the students on some educational adventures including to Niagara Falls, Chicago, and a Michigan history trip up north to Mackinac Island, visiting historic sites on the way up as well as the sites in the immediate area of Mackinac Island.

Theater has also been a long-standing, well-loved aspect of life at Oak Arbor.  Every year, students are involved in a dramatic production. Generally, the upper elementary classroom students pair with the middle school students to put on a play or musical together.  Another highlight of the year for our students!

5 Full days - 8:25 AM - 3:10 PM

Nathaniel Brock - Lead Teacher