In alignment with Montessori principles, we foster an environment where children are encouraged to be active, curious, and compassionate. Through a wide array of activities, both within and beyond the classroom, they learn to make thoughtful choices. Our ultimate objective is to equip them with the confidence and skills to gracefully navigate challenges as they grow and develop.

Come discover the unique approach and benefits of  Montessori education in a Christian environment.
We offer Montessori classrooms from 3 years old through Middle School.
We strive to feed our students' minds, touch their hearts and prepare them for life; we do this by offering them a nurturing learning environment where they develop their individual gifts and talents so they can reach their true potential.
We provide a rich array of learning experiences that will give each child the springboard they need to grow physically, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.We will be ever mindful of the fact that the Lord is leading each child. We will do our best to work with Him to nurture and support the students.
It is a blessing for us to be entrusted with each child here.Thank you!

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Montessori Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary Classroom

Middle School

Why Choose Montessori Education

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Admission Process

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