WELCOME TO THE OAK ARBOR SCHOOL – Where Boundless Possibilities Await!

At Oak Arbor School, we're not just an institution; we're a vibrant, innovative community. Our commitment is to fuel young minds with a robust academic curriculum, nurture compassionate hearts, and ignite a spiritual connection that prepares our students for the ever-evolving world.

Since our inception in 1978, we've held firm to our mission – to create an academic, moral, and spiritual environment where students flourish as principled and impactful individuals.

Imagine Your Child Soaring in a Thriving, Well-Rounded Christian School!

Choosing your child's educational path is a pivotal responsibility, and we applaud your eagerness to explore the Oak Arbor School.

Here at Oak Arbor, we radiate love—for the Lord and our fellow humans. These enduring principles infuse every corner of our school life, infusing energy into classrooms, the playground, and every relationship we build.

We view our education as an extension of your home, fostering values that resonate beyond our walls. Our dedicated staff partners with you to shape the best possible educational journey for your child, cherishing the innocence of childhood as the cornerstone for developing a profound conscience.

The Oak Arbor School community is your tribe – a dynamic, interconnected web of support and encouragement. Together, we empower the children entrusted to us to become resourceful, compassionate citizens, bridging the gap between the world and heaven.

Thank you for considering Oak Arbor School as the canvas for your child's adventure. We're thrilled to embark on this journey of growth, learning, and faith, where the possibilities are limitless!





Messages from our Alumni Students

"Oak Arbor gave me a strong sense of self and taught me how to stay true to my morals. I loved my time at Oak Arbor School because it was the best foundation anyone could ask for."

"I appreciated the small class size because it allowed all of the students to receive so much one-on-one attention from the teachers. I always felt that I was listened to. I felt that my progress was of interest to my teachers and that they were always working to challenge me at the appropriate level and according to what I was ready to learn."


What do Parents Think?

My kids love to go to school, and I see regular evidence of what they are learning. I appreciate the spiritual lessons about life that they are learning, too, as well as the daily skills. The parent-teacher communication is better than I have ever seen at another school. The teachers really care about what they are doing. Oak Arbor also uses its small class size to its advantage.

The Oak Arbor School has done a wonderful job of educating our three children. Our Freshman and Junior sons tested easily into the Honors English program at our local high school and they are currently both on the Honor Roll. I have no doubt that with the solid academic base and discipline our 7th grader is being taught, our daughter will be every bit as successful.

The goal of any education should ultimately be to prepare people for life beyond formal education. Oak Arbor gives our young people a solid academic and moral foundation, all taught in the light of the Lord and His Word. What better way to Prepare for life!